Everyone has a story. Here’s mine…

In 1995 I was in TV advertising sales and our IT guy showed me how to “surf the world-wide-web.” It was so amazing, I stayed up all night doing just that. At the next sales meeting I suggested we sell web pages to our advertisers since it was better than the yellow pages or the newspaper! Yes, I was laughed out of the room.

That’s when I switched my trajectory from sales to marketing. Because (I believe) sales is about the now, which is exactly where it should be, and marketing, especially strategic marketing, is about the future – right where it should be too.

Today is a great time to be a marketing leader, whether it’s branding, content marketing, digital, mobile…We have channels to reach customers in significant and powerful ways, have real time feedback on results, and can use that feedback and customer insights to become more powerful, more customer-friendly and more engaged than ever before. And, today’s digital world is proving the fundamentals we marketers have been testifying to all along:

• The power and importance of brand
• The transformative quality of the customer experience
• The value of engagement – the listening in the marketing
• The fact that…well…content (still) is king

And then of course, in this world of integrated marketing we get to play!

We get to measure and evaluate how our play is impacting customers and our business, to build strategies and collaborative execution around real information and to test, learn and improve in real time.

It is a great moment to be in the customer-connection business. Really. Who could ask for more?

My specialties include:

• Strategic marketing
• Branding and brand strategy
• Digital, mobile and inbound
• Medical and health science marketing
• Story-telling (content marketing)
• Customer engagement
• Retention and loyalty
• Creative execution
• Team building
• Change management and evolution
• Crowdfunding

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